About CEO

Prof. Dr Ahsan WarisAfter I had realised the importance of navigating change in my organizational and personal goals I was convinced that now is the timeto enter into a new horizon that is when I thought of launching ZARSAH… as the smart way of dressing has always been in demand.

To launch a clothing label one needs to have a lot of passion and conviction in the power of good clothing It goes beyond making money and into the realm of contributing something to this world. Being an entrepreneur while every part of my WSresearchcompany showed what we can do and what we love to do from hi tech extensiveresearch to medical services and consultations

I know the toughest part is to rewrite the rules and to give them shape. However with my team and their tremendouscommitment, stringent quality control measures, eye for detailing, originality and growing number of our loyal customer base I am sure that ZARSAH will do well in this competitive industry.

ZARSAH is my commitment to translate your dressing wishes turning your dreams into reality with custom based designs, yet affordable without compromising the quality.


Miss Ayesha Saadat

My journey of 24 years in the fashion field with my innate ability to produce assorted fashionable designs due to my deep understanding of the fashion industry somehow felt complete only when I had joined ZARSAH. Adept at responding to retail trends, clientele needs with creative solutions, creating and designing our own fabric in our production unit was a totally new experience.

This year’s summer collection consists of basic fabrics like cotton and chiffon, along with simplified wearable cuts. We’ve launched six designs, each offering two colours. The general colour palette comprises of pastel shades.